10 Years Later!

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So I thought that I should begin this blog site by thanking a few people.   Why?  Because if it wasn’t for these people I would not be blogging.  Firstly, thanks to Judy O’Connell  who firstly introduced me to what was then Web 2.0 in 2006.  Judy’s blog has always been a fantastic resource which I thoroughly recommend. We co-wrote a blog on Web 2.0 back in 2007 but it has been wiped out by Blogger – probably due to a lack of hits over the last 9 years!

I would also like to thank Tom Barrett and Ewan McIntosh for being such a strong influence on my educational thinking over the years.  Again, both of their blogs are great reads and of course their work on Design Thinking is exceptional.

Thanks to Steve Borthwick , the quiet and quite exceptional educational leader and thinker who is my creative partner in crime. He’s a pretty good cook too.  We are also both HAPAs – I’m sure I will post about that at some point!  We operate on a rule of thirds – two thirds banter and one third quality innovation and thinking.   Sometimes!

To the leadership team(s)  at St Ambrose  and St Christopher’s, truly amazing groups of educational leaders who I have learnt so much from.

There are many others, people like Mark Turkington, Mick Bezzina, Peggy Saab, Jennifer Fraser and of course Sybil Dickens, who have also influenced my thinking over many years.  So many educators, students, parents, parishioners, family and friends.  Thank you to you all.  It’s only taken 10 years of ‘I should start my own blog’ to start my own blog!  So here goes……


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