Simon Sinek – Golden Circle

Again, not a new vid (from 2009) but one that, at the time, made me really think about the why.  Simon repeats several times ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

Why is this relevant in education?  How often do we explore the why?  How effectively could your staff articulate why they do what they do?  It sounds so simple and yet so vital.

Do we do this enough, when launching new projects/initiatives/the next silver bullet in education?

Vision and Mission statements can be found in every school, perhaps even most organisations.  Does your staff know them?  Do them buy into them? How do you know they do?

Those with children will be able to relate to the constant ‘why-ing ‘ of toddlers.  But do we do it enough as adults?  And of course my final question….why not?



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