Another Sir Ken vid – still used

Although this was recorded in 2010, I still use this video when presenting to parents about contemporary learning.  The section from 1:46 to 3:35 is spot on.   It normally leads into a conversation about the sort of education parents were exposed to,each one filled with content which was then regurgitated weekly, termly or each Semester through a variety of tests or exams, with the prize going to the child who could regurgitate the most information.  Clearly, with the arrival of the internet, this system had to change.

Ten/twenty years on how much has it changed?  Has it changed enough?  I guess it is back to my previous post, everything takes time in education…..picking up on a theme yet??!


An oldie but a goodie – Sir Ken

Although I have not watched this video for a number of years, I still remember the effect that it had on me.  It made sense.  Parts of it eloquently summed up my own thinking about education and where we were heading.  Apart from Sir Ken being a funny man he raised some great points, remembering, of course, that these were made back in 2006.  What is education for?  Why is it still designed to fulfil the requirements of the industrial era?   Who succeeds?

His point about creativity (the process of having original ideas that add value) almost being educated out of children certainly struck a chord. Perhaps, 10 years later, this is changing. Slowly.

Another line that has always stayed with me was about how much we allow children to make mistakes.  To be wrong.  Or to even teach them to be prepared to be wrong.  Resilience – now there is a 21st Century issue.

Reflecting back on this video does serve as a reminder of how slow the pace of (real) change is in education.  I believe that it is changing; it just takes a long time.  A very long time.