Giving Praise: Intelligence v Process


If I’m honest I don’t think that Carol Dweck has the most engaging voice but the content is spot on.  How do you praise students in your class?  What about your staff?  Do you praise them for their intellect, how smart they are, or how much effort they put in?

I love the NYET comment towards the end of the video – what a clever idea (sort of goes with the Relationships video posted earlier).


Relationships, relationships, relationships

The value of human connection.  Every teacher needs to see his.  Every leader needs to see this.  One of my absolutely favourite clips on effective teaching.

Why?  Because teaching is all about relationships, leading is all about relationships.  That does not mean rose-tinted glasses and everything is beautiful.  It means dignity, respect, trust and belief.  As Covey said, perhaps we need to seek to understand before we try being understood.

Would you want your child in this teacher’s class? Of course.  As would I.  Because you know that she will believe that your child will achieve great things.

To the child who scored 2/20 – ‘you are on the right road’.  Love it.