Dancing as a metaphor of leadership

If you haven’t seen this, watch it.  The title kind of sums it up!


Leadership v Management

An excellent short snippet on the difference between leadership and management.  The point about having a balance is an important one.  Does your organisation have a balance between leadership and management?  Do you?  How do you know?

3 things leadership is not!


This is an excellent article on what leadership is not.  I know that sounds a bit strange, but sometimes it is easier to wear the ‘black hat’ to frame your thinking.  This article by Dianna Booher reminds us that leadership is not about position or power or pride – in fact it really is quite the opposite.  Think about leaders you respect and also those you don’t.  I have a feeling that those words, the 3 P’s will often sum up the deficit in leaders rather than the strength.  Does it?

Who can be a leader?

As Drew says…….anyone.  Although Hattie always talks about ‘Know thy Impact’ (to be fair he is talking about improving learning!) sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.  Perhaps even most of the time.

I think Drew has hit the nail on the head.  We can all be leaders.  Everyday.



Teach listening as a skill?

Having just moved house next to a busier road I can really relate to this video!  I like the idea of moments of silence, not just to improve our listening but also as a form of meditation, of calmness and peacefulness.

Active listening summed up nicely – Receive, Appreciate, Summarise, Ask.

Worth a go?  In your class?  With your leaders?  With yourself?


Giving Praise: Intelligence v Process


If I’m honest I don’t think that Carol Dweck has the most engaging voice but the content is spot on.  How do you praise students in your class?  What about your staff?  Do you praise them for their intellect, how smart they are, or how much effort they put in?

I love the NYET comment towards the end of the video – what a clever idea (sort of goes with the Relationships video posted earlier).